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Fresco PizzaFresco Pizza is a leading company specialized on the production of:
  • Fresh Pizza Bases
  • Fresh Garnished Pizzas
  • Fresh Focaccia
Individually packed in Protective Atmosphere with 50 days of shelf life.

Fresco Pizza the only Fresh Pizza producer for:
Dough Characteristics:
  • madewithExtraVirginOliveOil;
  • naturally raised for 48 hours;
  • no malt or additives used.
Whole process made by hand:
  • rolling out the fresh dough;
  • topping & loading in a Stone Base Flame Oven.
Long shelf life on every products:
  • packaging with Protective Atmosphere(MAP);
  • complying with the highest Hygienic Standards.
Flexibility & tailor made solutionsfollowing the customer requests:
  • private Labels or Recipes;
  • different Shape, Size & Weight.
Fresco Pizza products are a guarantee of:
Real Italian, Healthy & completely Natural Pizza
Preservatives, Additives and Artificial Colors Free
A tasty Italian Pizza, lowin Fats & Sugar
An unbeatable & appealing business solution for: Bar, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Catering without any specialized employee or Pizza Chefs.

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